Roguewavemedia was started with the idea to help businesses realize their full potential by creating unique and functional websites and print media to showcase businesses and leave the heavy lifting to us. From our humble beginnings we have grown with our customers and offer web, print, UI, and branding services. We feature an exceptional attention to detail; we help our customers with constant input, asking questions early and often. We're there when the site goes up, when the business cards are delivered, and all the times in between. We feature 24/7 access without charging you every time we turn on the MAC!

We are committed to long term relationships and have a reputation for going the extra mile and making sure our customers have all the tools necessary to "help your business grow".

In this ever changing world of web design and graphic design the truth is its how we show ourselves as businesses that really make a lasting impression has never been more true. Technology changes on a dime but the idea of good design and showing a business as best you can is as true as it ever was.

Here at Roguewavemedia we listen. Its not about impressing someone with how cool something looks. Its about making a long term commitment to a client and helping them along the way. There is no design and dash here!


There is probably nothing more important than the steps taken to figure out the look and overall direction of a company identity. Our methodology and processes will guide you to making sure all the bases are covered so you can be ready to hit the ground running and keep you there. We will keep you current and not nickel and dime you everytime you want to make changes. We keep our clients and they keep us because we love what we do and it shows in our work.


We will sit down with you and ask the tough questions to help you figure out what you really need to help your business grow. We understand this is very important to you and will be an extention of your business for many years to come. From a website to a logo or brochures to helping you at a trade show we can help.


In the development world right now the new buzz is html5 and css3. There are many ways to go about this but we are always staying on top of the latest and greatest as it pertains to helping you get the most for your business. We can build your site with a very capable CMS system so you can do the updating.

Wordpress is an amazing way to manage your own site that affords you a very robust CMS. We can help you on this to help you manage your time. We also offer a complete CMS solution which can be plugged into a current site or a new one with very robust functionality.


This is a very important part to a lot of businesses now a days. Many many businesses are starting to sell online and the best part is it can be a housewife in Cedars Rapids Iowa or a multi million dollar corp in L.A. and both have a great chance to make a great business. We offer many different e-commerce solutions at very reasonable prices.

Web Hosting

We offer a full range of hosting packages starting at 6.00 per month. All clients that have websites built get 2 years of free hosting.


Design & Dev. with:

What can you say about "The Moose". Senor Moose in Seattle, Washington. Kathleen Andersen has created an amazing authentic mexican experience which is evident by the long lines. It is truly a Comida Tipica experience. They were looking for a refresh on their old site and wanted to show off the beautiful colors of their interior which has a great collection of local and mexican art straight from an area where the owner's children live. She also wanted a blog to share her amazing love of food, recipes and other thoughts that might go through her head. Believe me there are many!

We were able to accomadate them by using a javascript gallery which swaps pictures on each page instead of a slideshow which was not a favorite of the client. The results keep the pages fresh and makes for easy load times. We also were able to use css3 without compromising browser rendering. By using an amazing php script from Css3 PIE the css3 used in this site even works in IE6 and IE7.

In the end the client really loves the end result as she said "Its what I always said other sites I really enjoyed looked like" which is what we want to do for all our clients.


Design & Dev. with:

What can be said about Mary White. One look at her website The Pantry Raid about says it all. Mary runs a successful cooking school specializing in "freestyle cooking" and cooking with cannabis; she also teaches at South Seattle Community College and produces How-To videos for grocery chains.

. She has a style all her own and that's just the tip of the iceberg. She is definitely unique. Her idea for the site was to make it fun and show her personality and also make it simple for her to share her love of food with recipes and videos of her popular webisodes.

By using javascript and PHP to build her recipe portfolio it made it easy for people to view and print their favorite "raid" recipe or push it to facebook. This site is also set for video play with quick loads.

We have also created biz cards, postcards and stickers for "The Raid" which have really helped her grown her brand.


Design & Dev. with:

Olympic Massage Therapy is located in Kirkland, WA. They have been in business for well over ten years and speclize in many different types of massage disciplines. She has a great practice and enlisted us to freshen up her look.

We went with the black and white idea to give it a soothing and overall unique look while making sure it represents the business in the best way possible.

We also built a rack card for them that compliments the site and gives a potential client a great idea of Olympic's overall vibe.


Design & Dev. with:

Gail Neil is a world renown opera singer who happens to reside in Seattle, WA. She has sung all over the world and is amazing as they comes. She wanted a site that showed her talents in such a way to let people see it and also interact with some of her recordings. She has procured many new gigs because of the ease of use of this site.


Design & Dev. with:

BJRConstruction has been a fixture on the Long Beach Peninsula for well over 20 years. Raymon Bonney is an amazing craftsman and his website needed to show that. We used a nice lightbox that really popped like a mother! and showed off his amazing craftsmanship!


Design & Dev. with:

The God Knows Project is a christian based website to get people excited about Christianity. They were looking for a fresh look and a way to seell their wares without seeming stiff or too old school.

With the help of our client we came up with something that has a fresh look and keeps their target audience on the page.


Design & Dev. with:

Ruff Construction is a Northwest original located in Woodinville, Washington. Mike Johnson has owned Ruff from the beginning for over 26 years. They specialize in any size remodel from hundreds to a multi million dollar project they recently completed in Capital Hill in Seattle. The client's requirement for this site is to show clients and better yet potential clients the work they are doing or the work they have done in text and images. The tabs on top give people the chance to see what they are doing and what they have done. The rest of the site is a compact explanation of how Ruff creates the feeling of the process they go through.


Design & Dev. with:

Il Terrazzo Carmine, owned and operated by Carmine Smeraldo for over 26 years, is one of Seattle's true dining anomalies - a highly successful restaurant with unfailingly high standards and a loyal, sophisticated clientele. The cuisine has been acclaimed as Seattle's best by the media and more importantly, by local diners.

Carmine's was looking for a simple website that did a very good job of presenting what they were all about in a very visual way as a lot of restaurant websites do not always do a very good job of showing the place for what it is. This task was helped along emmensely by the amazing photography of Robert Peterson. A good javascript and php framework was used to let the pictures speak for themselves and load easily.


Design & Dev. with:

Besserman Associates is a small, woman-owned consultancy shop offering full public affairs and non profit strategy services. Karen strives to provide our clients with well-rounded services, personalized to fit their unique needs.

Karen's needs were encompassing. Website, logo, business card, letterhead and envelopes. The result was from website to envelopes to give the feel of a professional brand that conveys the wimsical identity letting clients and potential clients know they are serious about their work but know they have a unique and fun way of looking at things. They were also setup on facebook and have used this to their advantage to find prospective clients.


Design & Dev. with:

Bustle Caffe is a coffee shop located about half way up Queen Anne Hill. They have some amazing coffee and also offer fresh French baked goods and sandwiches. Quite frankly the original website that was created when they originally opened the business was not really capturing the overall look of the place.

The simple idea was to show the space which is really unique and the sign really tells the story. Now if the owner can ever get the goof that never gave him his own domain back to his business so we will see.


Design & Dev. with:

Westwavehouse is a vacaton rental located on the Long Beach Peninsula. This house is a great rental with amazing access to the ocean. The objective for this client was a site that showed its beauty and convienence without hitting you over the head. It also has a payment system setup so the client does not have to take reservations over the phone or collect checks.

This client has been one of the busiest rentals on the peninsula for the last couple years and is able to keep costs to a minimum by letting the site doing the work.


Design & Dev. with:

Located in the historic Kent Valley, Smith Brothers Farms is a locally owned and operated dairy farm that has been serving the local Puget Sound community for over four generations. Started in 1920 by Benjamin F. Smith with one cow and a few customers, the farm quickly flourished.

The client was looking for a look for a contest they were running which turned into a lot of fun for the younger members of the household getting Smith Farm's great products.


Design & Dev. with:

Michael Palace is an amazing craftsman / designer located in Sonoma California. His furniture has been featured in publications. His old site did not show the true beauty of his work. We tmade the site all about the work. The photos he had were put through the magical photoshop machine by our expert PS person which made his photos really POP. The best compliments he has received is that when people see his work in person they comment how it looks just like the site. We also designed his logo to look good on a biz card and a shingle outside his workshop.


Design & Dev. with: is the brainchild of Charlotte Myers. Charlotte is a great lover of dogs and had the drive and ambition to start her own business and it has quite frankly been a huge success. Armed with her favorite colors we set out to help her dream come true. We created a simple site with good UI and the ability for potential clients to easily fill out forms needed to get their favorite pets with Charlotte's great service.

We also created business cards and postcards that has helped her grow her business and have gotten her many compliments and referrals.


Design & Dev. with:

Intrepid House is a vacation rental located on the Washington coast. A unique property with two distinct units it has more choices than most one unit houses. We took this into consideration when building the site out to make sure customers could easily follow the choices and the different looks of the different rooms.

This was accomplished by using javascript to create tabs for the various units in the house.


Design & Dev. with:

Located on the Oregon coast in the picturesque town of Astoria this cafe has been owned by Julie and josh for many many years. Their food has been rated very high on all cafe review sites. With a limited budget and the idea that increases in business was high on their priority list we kept the site very simple and made sure it was smartphone compatible due to Astoria being a tourist town and most people looking for places to go once they get there.

We also accomplished getting them to come up number one on Google with some good old organic SEO. Josh also took the lessons I gave him with Facebook for his business and has done a great job of keeping up with updates and specials using secret words and creating double digit gains in business year to year.


Design & Dev. with:

Located on the Long beach peninsula, Long Beach realty has been in business in some form since 1938. When we were asked to help quite frankly their website looked like it might have been built in the same year they were founded!

The idea for this website was to get people to where they had to go from the home page and not have to get to deep into the site. This was accomplished by creating a simple landing page design to get people to where they had to go. In the end this was done by creating graphics and photos that show off the beauty that is the Washington Coast.


Facebook has become well.... FACEBOOK! For businesses it has become an amazingly free tool to promote your business. We have created many landing pages and other content. Click on the sections above to see some of our handy work.

With the new Facebook Business pages happening the possibilities are endless as you can now create some great functionality to help your business grow! Call or email us for details.