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At Roguewavemedia, we have been collaborating with clients for years,  helping them be the very best businesses they can be…today,  tomorrow, and into the future.

We are with you from beginning of your project to long after the project is over. 75% of our clients have been with us for over 5 years. There is no design and dash here! We keep our clients (and they keep us) because we love what we do, and it shows in our work.

No shortcuts. Just listening, executing, and always making better.

We have won a couple of design awards, but know we are only as good as our last project. We do extensive research into each client’s needs to make sure they get the best look to help their business grow.

Collaboration is key with all clients. The journey begins now!

Coming Soon….. Current Projects

Larry and Rogue Wave Media were fundamental in my successful transition to freelance life. They took my very amateurish self-made logo and website (I didn’t use Comic Sans. Much.) and transformed it into a beautiful brand that still receives compliments on today. Rogue Wave Media captured my personality and my target market in a simple, compelling way. I was relieved and pleased they could handle photography, a logo, a website, and business cards, which saved me time and money.

In three short years, I’ve tripled my yearly revenue and gained lots of clients and steady, rewarding work. Larry and his crew have stayed close by
to help me through transitions, including a brand-new, striking website. They are always available to consult and offer advice and have been with me
every step of the way. A business really should grow and change, and your brand and marketing should reflect that—and your marketing, branding and web development people should be there to help you navigate into new waters and markets. Rogue Wave Media does that, and they’ll offer honest and unflinching feedback and support combined with technical and creative expertise.

Jo Anne Dyer – Principal 7 Madronas

JoAnne Dyer

Owner - 7 Madronas


So here we are.  June 5, 2020.  It is so easy to say how did we get here.  The reality is we have always been here.  We were only afraid to admit it.  That is really it.  We must shut up and listen.A new client that we are launching today is...

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Why We Do This

WHY WE DO THIS? Why do we do this?  It is definitely not for the money.  If that was the case I would have stayed in corp America those many years ago.   In creating a brand it really is on some level a living, breathing entity.  Something that you can...

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New Clients In The Fold

Well it is fall I think?  Not in the Midwest but definitely on the West Coast.  It has been a very busy summer at "The Wave".  Lots of new clients and also keeping it great with long term clients. A couple new ones in the fold are  A great non profit that...

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Do What You Love

Do what you love.   Who has not heard that one before.  It really does sound like a bad cliche at this point.  People say this and try to do it  and mostly it never happens.   You have a family to support so you go with what you can or this happened or that happened....

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