Do what you love.   Who has not heard that one before.  It really does sound like a bad cliche at this point.  People say this and try to do it  and mostly it never happens.   You have a family to support so you go with what you can or this happened or that happened.  My father was an amazing artist (THANKS POPS FOR THE CREATIVE GENE!) and did a factory job for decades and bitched about it and did it because it put clothes on our backs and for all our differences I love him for that.  Maybe it is just that because you grew up where you went to school and picked the major that had the highest average salary.  Sounds familiar?

For myself design is something that is in my head on a 24/7 basis for good or bad.   When I walk by the cafe the font nerd comes out “WT heck ..  How can you use papyrus on an Italian Cafe.   The shame!”  Yes,  I know,  a bit silly but good design is so important to our lives.  it sets our moods and makes us see things in different lights that can show us things we would have never seen otherwise.   Also in all reality bad design can almost do the same thing but in very different ways.

SO excited about my new client beyond Properties.   These are the people I want as a client because they get it.  It does not mean they will be easy.  It means they understand good branding / design and are honest to their clients and that is a very rare thing.  In the past to be very candid my interaction with some realtors was not good.  They were very much about going for the big whale vs.  understanding relationships take on many faces through your life.   Someone who is buying a studio today might in 10 years buy a 4 br house.  Act accordingly and be real.   Fake sucks!