So here we are.  June 5, 2020.  It is so easy to say how did we get here.  The reality is we have always been here.  We were only afraid to admit it.  That is really it.  We must shut up and listen.

A new client that we are launching today is someone I am so proud to be working with.  he is a mural artist located in Denver Colorado.  #AUSTINZART.  HIs murals are amazing and I have the honor of helping him take his talent to the masses.  he is already there and we will do what is ever necessary.  He has donated lots of prints / merch proceeds to charities and will continue too do this.

Please enjoy his work and support if you can.  Much more to come.

These are times (which is 97.8% of the time) when I feel so fortunate.  This is what I do and sometimes people even give my money for it.

Show the love.  We all need more of that.