Well it is fall I think?  Not in the Midwest but definitely on the West Coast.  It has been a very busy summer at “The Wave”.  Lots of new clients and also keeping it great with long term clients.

A couple new ones in the fold are HELPPDX.org.  A great non profit that helps high school kids get involved in different causes that matter to the future of these fine young people.   In the able hands of Cheryl Lohrmann this is a client we are all so happy to be part of.

Lara Martin realty is in Grand Junction Colorado.  This is one of the many reason we love what we do.   We have clients all over the US and you meet people from all backgrounds and also realize how similar we all are.  Lara is someone that realizes branding yourself as a real estate agent is not about only working for one of the big agencies.  It is about showing yourself as an individual brand because one bad experience with a given agent under say REMAX (only as an example) will link you to that brand forever.

By being your own brand you can take yourself anywhere and YOU are ultimately responsible for the great,  the good and the not so good.