Why do we do this?  It is definitely not for the money.  If that was the case I would have stayed in corp America those many years ago.   In creating a brand it really is on some level a living, breathing entity.  Something that you can look at,  check up on to see how it is  progressing and make the necessary changes and improvements as we go along.  Clients that let us “do what we do” are to me the ones that get it.

Of course you will have feedback and collaboration,  that is a healthy and necessary part of any good project and work space.   The difference is when you are creating vs doing whatever the client wants you are truly being a designer and helping the client become the best they can be.

A client like that is Aishling Companion Home Care in Suburban Chicago.  They provide Care Giver services to people mostly with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.


Getting involved with this client brought back some memories of caring for my mom when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer.  It was with out a doubt the most rewarding and beautiful 3-4 weeks of my life.    Giving and receiving,  there is not a finer thing on this earth between two people.  The person who brought me into this world.   I had the honor of giving her a place where she could rest her head before she went to the next place we go which honestly I have no idea where that might be.

In working with ACHC it really brought me full circle to remember that and also as it pertains to clients to make sure we give them all we have as their business is their creation and you have to treat it with the love and respect it deserve.  In meeting and talking to the caregivers at Aishling and some clients while doing client surveys it was so rewarding to hear these stories and see these people in action. giving so much for people in need.

Yes,   of course ACHC is a business.  That being said what they do I am very honored to be a part of.

Larry Marion / creative director